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Portable and Educational Desk Model Meter

Specifications for Portable Analog Meters:
Portable meters are housed in Heat resistant grade ABS moulded case with carrying belt and unique flap to protect glass from damage. The movement is magnetically shielded and suspended between spring loaded sapphire bearing jewels. Non-flying type insulated knob with provision for plug entry is provided. Knife-edged pointer and anti-parallel mirror is provided to avoid reading errors. Each meter conforms to I.S. 1248 and is supplied with a routine test certificates carried as per I.S.1248. Scale length is 150mm and Accuracy is 1% of Full Scale Value.
Specifications for Educational Desk Analog Meters:
EDM Meters are housed in Heat resistant grade ABS moulded case. The movement is magnetically shielded and suspended between string loaded sapphire bearing jewels. Non-flying type insulated knob with provision for plug entry is provided. Each meter conforms to I.S. 1248. Scale length is 90mm and Accuracy is 2% of Full Scale Value.
Types available:
  • AC Moving Iron Ammeter and Voltmeter(seldom used in DC Circuit)
  • DC Moving coil Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • AC Moving coil Rectifier type Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • AC/DC Electro dynamo type Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • Electro dynamo type UPF Wattmeter , LPF Wattmeter, Power factor Meter, Kvar Meter( 1 Phase and 3 Phase)
Portable Analog
Portable Analog EDM Analog
Moving Iron Ammeter : 0-0.1A to 0-100A 0-0.1A to 0-10A
Moving Iron Voltmeter : 0-7.5V to 0-600V 0-7.5V to 0-600V
Moving Coil Ammeter : 0-50uA to 0-100A 0-50uA to 0-10A
Moving coil Voltmeter : 0-25mV to 0-600V 0-25mV to 0-600V
Frequency Meter : 45-50-55Hz 45-50-55Hz
Electrodynamo Ammeter : 0-1A to 0-10A Not Available
Electrodynamo Voltmeter : 0-30V to 0-600V Not Available
Electrodynamo Wattmeter
Power Factor Meter
Kvar Meter
bracket Current: 0-0.5A to 0-30A
Voltage: 0-15V to 0-600V
Not Available
Not Available
  •  Precision grade instruments having accuracy 0.5% can also be supplied in portable type.
  •  Double range, Triple range and multiple range Instruments are also available.
  • Ranges other than mentioned above can also be supplied. Above Specification are subjected to change without notice due to continuous development.
EDM Digital
EDM Digital
AC & DC and DC Voltage : 0-199.9mV, 1.999V, 19.99V,199.9V, 750V
AC & DC and DC Current : 199.9µA,1.999mA,19.99mA, 199.9mA,1.999A, 19.99A
Frequency : 0-100Hz, 0-999Hz
Accuracy For DC Ranger – 0.5% ± 2 counts
For AC Ranger – 1% ± 5 counts
For Frequency – 0-99.99Hz – ± 0.1Hz
Other ranges are also available
Specification for Digital EDM
Polarity Indication “_” Is Indicated in MSB
Power Supply 230V AC ± 10% (other voltage on request)
Over Range Indication “1” at MSD
Display 14.2 mm LED RED
( Optional Green Display available at higher price on request)

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